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eremin week II


pls share some prompt ideas if u have any! 。+゚・(ノωヽ)・゚+。 if u don’t, it would be helpful to tell me if u liked any of the ones suggested!!

-beach episode
-sweet tunes
-library rendezvous

send help

I really love the ones you suggested up there. What would the stars one be about though? You could also have:

  • Punk EreMin
  • Jealous/possessive EreMin
  • Vampire EreMin (could this go in fairytales?)
  • First date
  • Or a prompt where one of them is handicapped in some way and the other has to take care of them.


armin stealing eren’s clothes to wrap them around himself because they smell like eren and it feels like he’s hugging him

Halcyon Days Begin (Eremin fanfic)


Summary: Today was the day humanity no longer suffered the humiliation of being caged inside like birds, and their lives were finally their own. Could Armin Arlert and Eren Yeager finally discover the wonders of the world together?

Chapter One: Right Here

First multi-chapter Attack on Titan fanfic!

P.S. Rating has changed from T to M because I can not write a story without some kinky stuff in it, if you guys haven’t known already. x3


can we have another eremin week in like may or smth (〃ノωノ) pretty pls

YES! Oh my gosh yes!! I was thinking about organizing one soon, since every other EreMin events are at the end of the year ;__;

What about doing it near the end of may?


I wasn’t going to draw anything for Easter, but then I realized it was an excuse to draw BUNNIES!!!! \o/

(edit: I can’t believe I forgot their tail fluff it was on the base sketch wth)


armin thinks eren’s hat is ugly and dumb but he dates him anyway 


I blame this post

Also you cannot convince me this isn’t how Armin helped Eren back when he couldn’t use the 3DMG.